Science & Collaboration for Connected Wildlands

Our mission is to protect and restore systems of connected wildlands that support native wildlife and the ecosystems upon which they rely.


Washington Wildlife Habitat Connectivity
Critical Linkages: Bay Area and Beyond
California Desert Connectivity Project
California Essential Habitat Connectivity
South Coast Missing Linkages
Wildlands of the Santa Clara River Watershed
Joshua Tree-Twentynine Palms Connection
Habitat Connectivity in the Carrizo Plain
Proposed Reserve Design for Tejon Ranch
California Missing Linkages

About Us

SC Wildlands (SCW) is a non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring functional habitat connectivity across diverse wildland networks.

SCW is working with conservation biologists, ecologists, wildlife agencies, land managers and planners, and other conservation organizations to develop and implement regional conservation strategies.

We are deeply committed to collaboration and coordination to achieve the vision of protected and restored systems of connected wildlands.

Staff & Board

Kristeen Penrod

Clint Cabanero
GIS Developer/Analyst

Laura Berglan
Tucson, AZ

Paul Edelman
Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy

Amy Golden
Richmond, VA

Jun Onaka, Ph.D.
Onaka Planning & Economics

Seth Riley
National Park Service

EJ Remson
The Nature Conservancy

Esther Rubin, Ph.D.
Cave Creek, AZ

Cam Tredennick
River Partners

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Science & Collaboration for Connected Wildlands
P.O. Box 1052
Fair Oaks, CA 95628